The nature offers beauties, and it is up to us to be inspired by those beauties.

The nature offers beauties, and it is up to us to be inspired by those beauties.

By combining the power we get from nature and hand labor, we carefully worked this stone. Our brand TITAN NATUREL STONE, has risen under the name of Delta Invest Group with the meeting of professional experience with industry experience; It took it’s place in the sector with the supply of marble, granite, onyx, and travertine natural stones.

Our company provides services with infrastructure, quality and customer satisfaction, to supply Turkish natural stone products, such as marble and granite, worldwide.

We are aware of the importance of the procurement and supply process in customer satisfaction. We aim to connect this awareness with our innovative attitude and to take place among the world’s natural stone markets.



We are an international natural stone supplier with high customer satisfaction, created by innovative understanding, quality and reasonable prices.


Our vision is to transform spaces into a beauty that can only be reached when imagined, by using products processed with the spirit of quality.


Principles of our company:


Why Titan Natural Stone?


Our long-term customer satisfaction is based on rigorous quality standards, from shipping to product quality.

Customer Support

One of the justifiable reasons for our quality is that our colleagues, who are experts in their fields, support you in your projects before and after sales.

Option Possibilities

We have natural stones suitable for the preference and selection of every customer with it’s rich color equipment. We offer the desired product in the best quality as soon as possible.

Price Policy

Our natural stones derive their high sales power from their properties and colors. Our products are full of “uncompetitive” price possibilities.