Turkey has a rich geological structure as natural stone deposits. Many companies in our country are working on the production of these stones from the quarry, processing in factories and putting them on the market. The production method is obtained according to the stratification direction and location of natural stones.

The most suitable usage areas of the stones can be determined according to the results of the tests performed on the samples and the physical and mechanical properties of the stones. Since natural stones are a hard building material, they are not extremely affected by climatic conditions and temperature changes. Polished products, which have a structure that can maintain their brightness for many years, also do not require any maintenance and are very easy to clean.

Since natural stone products are extracted from nature and processed, they can be named according to their colors, the name of the region they come from and their geological origin. Italian and English color names are used in the natural stone industry. The naming of natural stones in the international market should be made with a single name. With the increasing use of natural stone products, it needs to be classified in size. In the natural stone industry, products can be classified in size as tiles, slabs, free sizes and mosaics.

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